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Blue lady.PNG

My Yokai and I - Blue lady  1/3

Collection : The hidden things

Artist : Lhunatica

1 of 3.

The first owner will also have the possibility to claim a screen print of the artwork (size : 60x50) hand signed by the artist. No additional cost.

The feeling of being slowly absorbed by our Yokais. My Yokai and I is a digital artwork that reflects the emotion of being consumed by dark thoughts such as loneliness, depression and sorrow. The Yokai that surround the principal character give the impression that they are growing bigger around her while she is being slowly absorbed in this demon parade. Her facial expression does not hide the pain and even in the struggle she seems to have accepted her fate. Maybe the answer is not to fight the Yokai but to befriend them?



TOKEN ID : 76999151969159767386349948732244124780805579893922418137226328732082641043457

Blockchain : Ethereum

Metadata : Editable

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