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Kim Myatt – (b. 1987) working in a soft-dark aesthetic, through collected symbolism and motifs I open doorways and create personal resonance between you and the other.

Using the digital medium, I create works full of evocative imagery using unusual texture and surreal
colour palettes.

Our emotions, experiences, and memories crowd around us like ghosts, intruding into and influencing
our lives. We may only catch a fleeting glimpse, or perhaps feel their presence keenly. Whispering
into our ears or visiting us in our dreams. Whatever shape they take for us, each of us are haunted.


Ghosts in the Garden draws upon processing emotion, experiences and memories that influence us as people and our lives. I wanted to personify and look into the eyes of the ghosts I’ve encountered in my life, and in the process, I met the ghosts belonging to other people too.
The nature aspect of these paintings follows my fascination for humanity being subsumed by nature and the powerful forces within it. I used this as a motif to convey the way these ghosts of ours can consume us entirely.

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