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Lhunatica, 28, is a Venezuelan illustrator who, at the age of 22, embarked on a journey as a political refugee to France in the pursuit of life-changing experiences, safety and meaningful connections. All of this compelled her to leave her family behind and make a home in foreign lands, which have in turn, helped her reinvent herself on her new path towards artistic expression.

Lhunatica began drawing at a very young age. It wasn’t until the age of 12, however, that, whilst marvelling at Diego Vélazquez’ works at the Prado Museum in Madrid, she discovered the wonders of art and decided that this would in fact, become her true raison d’être.

In the words of Henry Matisse - “creativity takes courage” and it is precisely that which has enabled her to hone and conceptualise her artistry - unafraid to reconcile with her feelings of solitude, uncertainty, and doubt to create a world of fantasy for her and others to rejoice.

Monster, demons, ghosts, spooks. The stories we tell come from our most deepest and fearful thoughts. Aren’t all of these fantastic and yet disturbing stories simple lies that hide a deeper truth? 

Hidden things it’s a collection of artworks inspired by the darkest feelings we experience in life, feelings that we try to hide behind fantasies and incoherent lies. 

Created by the artist Lhunatica, the following artwork collection it's inspired by the pastel aesthetics of the Japanese art style called “Kawaii” that means “cute”. And is also deeply influenced by the symbolist artist as well as the surrealist.


Lhunatica tries to express through her artworks her most emotional and empathic side, because for her the beauty of the art lies in the connection we establish through it. This means that if these paintings have caused an emotional reaction in you, the empathic connection it’s created and you the artist and the rest to the spectators are now in the presence of a collective feeling.

The labyrinth in which you get lost or the labyrinth in which we find ourselves? 

One labyrinth could be the so-called destiny with only one possible way, one unique road that will lead us to the exact place where we are supposed to be our primal destination. This labyrinth it’s seen as a straightforward path without free will, only one, one choice, one destiny and no detours. 

The other labyrinth is an entanglement of path of trial and error, here, getting lost is part of the experience. In this labyrinth the choices are tricky, just like in life, and you are constantly questioning yourself if you are on the right path to find the center of the maze or the way out of it. 

For me, both labyrinths coexist, both of them are the two faces of coin, and both of them work as one to create “the paths of life”.


But what if we summe out? What if we try to see the bigger picture? 

Those choices that we made in the past, may have not seemed right at the moment we took them but they brought us here and now. Here in this present time, here to the moments in which you are reading these words that I wrote. And isn’t it right here where we were supposed to be? Looking backwards, all the englement of our decisions have made us who we are right now, and we are the people experiencing this present. Isn’t that enough to believe it was all destiny? 

You were supposed to be you as I was suppose to be me, and all of the decisions that we’ve  made in the past were nothing but the illusion of time, because the path was always meant to lead us here, and what it seemed like a labyrinth of entangled roads in a moment, it’s a linear path in another.

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