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Lu Ke resides in the United State, with a background in traditional painting and animation.

She grew up surrounded by ink, paper, brushes, pattern books and folk stories, which inspired her to draw from an early age. She enjoys drawing beautiful but weird creatures from her imagination with a variety of patterns and meticulous detail.

Her works are deeply inspired by Chinese philosophy, fantasy, and mythology.


She keeps seeking and exploring the connections behind dreams, relationships, forms and space.

Inside ourselves there is a canvas waiting to be unveiled, and for Lu Ke, her inner canvas, it's being exposed through each art piece that she creates.
In this collection of artworks she tries to explore the most complex emotion that one can experience and for her, the words are unnecessary, because only an image will suffi to púrgate the emotions out of us.

Her intriguing universe is for certain an undeniable effort to cause in the spectator a deep state of  catharsis.

Looking for the Future.jpg

For her first collaboration with Vitruvius, Lu Ke dropped a collections of 4 amazing one of a kind.

- Voice from Lotus Pond  : “What’s down there?” “Just raw, fragile, infinite subconscious”

- Looking for the Future  : “This world is not real”

- Souvenir : “They are my lovers. Or were my lovers”

- The Burden : “I can’t stay with you because you don’t exist”

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